Hello world!

I had always wanted to start a blog, mayb just to speak my mind but mostly just to get a chance to post crazy ideas out there and just have fun in the process:) Am not sure what to write about first, i want it to be something inspiring and amazing but honestly am just blank. And while am thinking of all this it hits me, why should it be inspiring? So that i get many readers and popular, I hate having to prove myself to everyone all in the name of status quo. Believe that people should be allowed to speak their mind the way their mind was designed to speak. I love art because it gives u a platform to be crazy and we all need a little crazy in our lives. We all have those moments where your friends are doing so much better, your project is not working, your not as good, your not as bright, I mean name it and uve probably felt it. Ave bn reading a book called “How To Get To Where You Are To Where You Want To Be” by Jack Canfield and i would recommend it to anyone who is at that point where your tired of just living the mediocre¬† life that so many people live. I don’t think that we should be born, go to school, finish that, get a job, get married have kids, get old, die. There should be so much more to life than that. we all have dreams and these dreams should be more important than proving points and keeping up appearances with everyone. Someone once told me that dreams are there to help you rich out n fight but not that they actually come true. nowadays i go by the statement that whatever your brain can perceive it can achieve. i actually ended up being inspiring, at least to me:) and that is what is most important, ask yourself WHAT DO I WANT? and really look for the answer that is hidden below the i don’t know, the cars, houses, etc look deep down at what you truly want in this life and go for it!!!! looked for the book it will really change your life!