I love those moments when someone comments on your post and loves your work or even better when they get inspired by your work:) There is nothing more inspiring and encouraging to anyone than when u see that your starting to make a difference. It all starts with that first step that you have to make today, dont wait until it becomes added to your list of regrrets you have to live with. Ave come to learn that if you never take the risk to say something or do something, someone else will beat you to it and nothing stings like a what if. You knw the, what if i told them I care, or what if I went tfor that date, what if i accepted the deal… I hate to live with the what ifs in my life and i have decided that i will be more daring with my life, i only have one to live anyway. As long as am good with God, and the law the real question i have to ask is why not? Why not ask him out, why not start that business, why not wear that dress, why not have some fun. I want that by the time am dieing all i have to say is ” Lord am ready to come home.” yes there will be regrettes but i will make sure they will not be becuase i was too chicken to take a chance in life!



When i was a kid i used to be so afraid if a woke up in the middle of the night because the monster under my bed would notice and he would creep out and  drag me away, not sure where he would take me but i was convinced he would take me away forever. So the trick was to make sure i dint move an inch and my eyes remained closed that way he would not notice. Now that am older, i must admit i still get that feeling that that monster is still under my bed, even though we have moved far from where we used to live, or that i have a new bed, he is still under my bed and he has been there all my life(silly i know but you try convincing my head of that). But nowadays, logic kicks in and i calm myself down with wise words such as, he cant be under your bed, its too full of suitcases and all manner of stuff he cant hit there:) (still silly? i knw). Many people wont admit it but we all still have those childhood fears we carry around with us, and i personally think they are nice they remind us of those childhood days when we believed in monsters under our beds.

Today we lied to my kid cousin that we were just going to the” car wash” and that we would be back to get her and go shopping. I felt sorry for her cause she actually believed we were telling the truth, so she probably kept asking her mom were we were and how come we were not back yet the whole afternoon. We were once like her, innocently believing that what everyone said was Bible truth, they cant possibly lie,nowadays we find it hard to believe that someone can possibly tell us the truth. We play mind games on each other to find out if we are being played for a fool or its the real deal. Finding honest people is like a treasure hunt and once they break your trust you never trust them again. Its sad really, because when we look at kids, we envy them. they love openly and quickly, when they are hurt they dont hide behind fake smiles, when deceived the quickly forgive and forget, and they dont have a worry in the world. They dont hold back a hug coz it may look needy, or silly, they love to share about what they did for the day to the very last detail, they want to seat next to you when watching a movie and laugh at your jokes even if they actually dont get them, they are silly and they dont apologize for it because to them their is nothing silly bout being yourself. they dont knw sarcasm yet so even when you use it on them they dont get offended(i tried it once it was so funny). what makes me sad is that we were all kids once, we all had those wild dreams about being whatever came to our minds, so how come now we are these narrow minded, backbiting, cut throat man eaters who are so afraid to be left behind we throw our friends under the bus first before we let them win. We have the am fine face that we wear the minute we wake up and wear it for the rest of the day so no one notices we are a mess.

Honestly I miss being a kid, because at least those days, all i had to worry about is the monster under my bed.


Sometimes we get to that point where we dont like how things are gong in our lives. Its either that we dont like how our friends are treating us, how we spend our time, why we dint get something and yet our friends got whatever it may be  you name it. Well in as much as venting feels really good and removes the blame from us and makes the world seem so unfair, at the end of the day it never changes the situation. lately ave been going through my closet and looking at all the clothes i have. Well they are many i wont lie, but none of them just make me happy and to make matters  my pocket seems not to understand that i need it to remain full long enough for me to get a  closet make over. So as usual i complained my head off about how i never have anything to wear and how i wish i could rob a bank or marry one(if you knw what i mean). So i decided to just go ahead and  fix the problem by dealing with it the best way i know how and thats by remodeling them. Now i have a whole set of clothes that i love and the best part is i dint spend a dime to get them ill even take pics and show you my creation soon. If i stayeed at the point of just constantly complaining bout it it would not have gone away and i would still be staring at the same old closet. Sometimes the issue is that you feel people are taking advantage of you, or probably you not doing that well in school, your job may not make you happy, now instead of complaining about the problem get off your but and do something about it. God made our brains in a way that they can solve any problem that you give it if only you present the problem in a manner your brain gets, simple principle of GIGO( garbage in garbage out). when you complaing you only give negative information to your brain and the only thing it can do with that info is to give you more ideas on how negative the situation is. give your brain the right question and just like a calcuator, watch your brain go to work on solving it for you. so if you dont like your hair, ask your brain what  you can do about it and am pretty sure your brain will direct you to a salon, you dont like your performance in school, change your reading habits, if you dont like how things are going,ask your brain how and what you can do to change it and watch your brain go to work. If you dont like it then change it coz really the one person you can change is you.