I never thought that a look into my past would make me look even more hopefully at my future. my aunt told me when I was young that it is good to keep a journal, back then I thought just like everyone else that it was a lame idea but now I totally agree with her and I would recommend it for anyone. today I read a journal that I wrote 6 years ago, in it were records of what happened during that day, prayers I made to God, poems I scribbled, and quotes that I found to be worth a record. when I wrote all that stuff back then I dint think  much about it, it sometimes felt like I was just passing time, other times it felt like I was being silly, but today when I read them am really glad that I took the time to write. as I went through the small note book one page at a time, I became more and more fascinated  by this young girl who had this big dreams about life, I was intrigued by this lady who had heart and would not give up even when the odds were set against her. she amazed me at how she had just a sweet voice full of joy, love and peace, she even made me think twice about the choices I was making today. this young girl had an inner strength, she was intelligent, bright, strong and mostly hopeful for a future she had no idea about but one she spoke of with such sense of confidence that somehow it would be very good.

she made me look back at all the obstacles I have pulled through over the years and how no matter how bad it looked, no matter how hopeless I felt somehow I pulled through and became stronger and better. in the end I thought of how I underestimated that girl, how I gave her less credit than she deserved, how I dint think she had much to offer yet and how she was too young to understand things of this life. now I look at her with respect I look up to her and learn from her wisdom. I always thought wisdom in measure of profound words but has came from her genuine trust in God and how He would somehow always be there for her. it came from her stubbornness to crumble in fear at the thought things would not work, it came from her ability to look within and put herself in other peoples shoes and mostly her joy in the woman she was growing into everyday.

today I owe it to her to became that woman every day, the one she believed in, the one she had hope to became one day. her dreams were big and bright and they inspire even me, she was this fun loving caring young girl who had the potential to became an amazingly powerful woman and her influence would uplift many and that is what I owe her, I owe it to her to see to it that her dreams come true.

 Looking back what do you owe to yourself?