Just started my new fashion blog-http://mkambalady.wordpress.com, and I must admit its quite scary this business of starting new things even though ave been thinking of starting it for a while. I really hope it kicks of well and at least if my style can inspire even just one person I guess it will all be worth it!



Today am trying something new, ave always had a thing for makeup and fashion, as any girl would right hehe. Well i would love to try it out and just share some small things ave learn with the little research ave done and practicing on myself and friends.
Today ill look into lipstick and am so glad that now people are starting to appreciate the beauty in applying lipstick, i remember i owned my first lipstick when i was i think 10. Back then it wasn’t something a 10 year old girl would be asking for but what can i say i was a weird one hehe.
First things first, what to consider when choosing your lipstick;
1. The lipstick brand, go for one that is well know or spoken for( thats how i do it) ask around which brand has good quality lipstick because trust me you don’t want lipstick that is not true to color when you apply it, one that chips a few minutes after you apply it or one that fades after an hour meaning you have to re-apply all the time. My favorite is brands are luron and sleek but on a budget enchat lipstick works pretty well.
2. Your most frequent activities, if you work in a conservative workplace go for nude to soft pinks since they don’t shout for attention, you don’t want to go for an orange-red and end up wearing it once at a wedding just for the photos:)
3. Your closet, this kinda goes hand in hand with your most frequent activities. Your lipstick should work with your closet completing your outfits instead of always stealing the spotlight(unless that is what your going for). look at a color that works well with about 80% of your closet to make sure your always picking it off the shelf instead of it gathering dust.
4. And last but definitely not least…your personality. Ever wonder how some things just work for some people but you cant pull them off, well a secrete ave learnt in fashion is if you feel comfortable in it you can rock it. So staying in touch with who you are at the end of the day there is only one you in the world, so go do you!

Here are some of my lipstick shades,looking into increasing my stock soon don’t worry I am an addict and no I don’t want help:)

New folder3
My fav one-this defines your face and gives your outfit that extra oomph it needs but be careful with this one it tends to snatch alot of attention so if your wearing very colorful clothes stay clear of this color u dont want to look like a clown.
New folder1
This pink works with almost everything in my closet, unlike red it is a little subtle so it pops without calling for too much attention.

New folder4
This is a lighter shade of pink and if you notice it tends to stand out less so it works well with more outfits.
As you go down the lighter the shade the more it blends with your face and complements your outfit instead of competing for attention.

New folder6

New folder7
New folder
Well am no expert but so far thats my take, lipstick shopping anyone????


inspiration does nothing for you if you don’t get up and work on it…thats what the voice in my head just told me coz ave been looking for inspiration to write something for months now, like a writer who cant figure out whats next for his story. I am a thinker, i think about everything even the reason why i should drink fresh juice over water when am thirsty. As a thinker there has to be a reason for everything that i do, problem comes when you start over thinking and end up doing nothing, so now my new motto is stop and smell the roses. 

every morning i wake up and pray thanking God am alive for one more day, then i begging obsessing bout my schedule for the day, i have to literally stop myself(physically) and look around me and ask these simple questions;where are you?what can you hear? what can you see? what are you feeling? and the most amazing thing is it really works, it helps me stop and smell the roses and for those few minutes i am exactly where am supposed to be, who am supposed to be, am not late for anything, i don’t have the weight of the world depending on me. It helps put my worries to sleep and then i can actually start to count my blessings and name them one by one.

i used to obsess about how my friends have done so much more than me so i would try to be in as many projects as i cloud and even though it still makes my skin crawl when i hear one of my friends is done with school and i now working, another one is getting married, another one has a business up and running, i remind myself to stop and answer to the four questions above and ave come to realize that no one’s road looks like someone else’s. and i think i like it that way because some people have had to go through some rough stuff just to get to where they are, and am cool with the baggage i already have in my life:)

i am an artist and one of the most important thing art has taught me is that imperfections in your work go a long way in marking a signature on it and give it its distinguishing quality. we all have imperfections, but most of the time we try to erase them instead of seeing how much these imperfections make us that much more of who we are. so i may not get it right until the 1000th time but as long as i get time right in the end i just want to enjoy the journey along the way. that means less thinking, more doing and definitely more- stop and smell the roses girl!