have you ever just wanted to die and come back as your friend? well if you have you are in no way alone. There is this pal of mine who just seems to have her shit together so well i want to slap her senseless. Shes very pretty, smart, has awsm fashion sense and is daring with it, hangs out with this cool looking people , goes to this awsm places,has cool stuff you know the nice phone and all, where does it end!I think i hate her, nah am just suffering from the green-eyed monster.
But you know what makes me feel better, i look at my awsm photos, you know the ones that worked and you have no idea how, yea those ones, i have a set:). But seriously what makes me forget all that i wish i had that my friends seem to get the instance the blink, is the fact that in this world u have to fake it till you make it hehehehe. no that’s not it what gets me going is knowing that at the end of the day we all look weird when naked hahaha no thats not it, what gets me going is the fact that regardless of how good people have it, we all lack something we would kill to get. Face it no one has everything they want, it’s either being smart, or being tall, having more money, having more free time, having a better job, better friends you name it and someone wants it. Not even all the riches and glamor in the world removes this desire for more.
even though this idea doesn’t make me not want more than i have but for some reason it helps me appreciate what i already have, coz the flip side is,someone whats what i have and if thats not a reason to see it as valuable i dont know what else is. we may not notice it but we have several things that are valuable and desired by someone else, for some its a loving family, others its an infectious laugh, some its that wonderful sense of humor, some its great leadership skills, whatever it may be, be sure that its a value someone out there has tried in every-way to get but is far from getting it.Be happy with what you have because truth is whats the point of adding more and yet you’re not even utilizing what you already have? remember a Jack of all trades is a master of none, ok i dont know how it applies but i think it does:) let’s be happy people!!!