Perseverance, perfectionism, and the impossible

Every artist needs to read this

Cristian Mihai

impossibleIn a way, I believe that all artists are possessed by this silly ambition: they want to do something no one else has done before. They want to create something that’s perfect. And they try, again and again, and they always fail. It seems to me that this is what truly motivates us.

We keep on writing because nothing we write is good enough, or at least, as good as we think it should be. Or as good as we think it deserves to be.

No story is ever “finished.” There’s always something to change, to add, to remove.

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Places I want to see Part 4

ooooh this has given me ideas:)

Manon's maze

As my sweetes birhday gift is a plane ticket to London and I’m inclined on travelling a lot this year, I decided it’s time for one my “amazing spots” posts.

1. Singapore

A good friend of mine once told me Singapore is the best place he’s ever been. Since then it’s totaly on my list. Dining, along with shopping, is said to be the country’s national pastime, so it sounds like my kind of place.

2. Spain

This sunny, colorfull, filled with historical and cultural monuments is a must. And they have Paella. No more words needed.

3. The Cook Islands

This island paradise will be the perfect start for my long wanted diving experience. I’d just love to see the 15 scatered between New Zealand and Hawaii islands.

4. Botswana

Most of this exotic country is covered by the Klahari desert, which makes it tha much more interesting. Seeing…

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HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!!!!!!!(she says almost a year later) Yea yea I know ave been quiet for a very long time, ave either not been having enough time to write or ave not been having anything interesting enough to write about. So nooooooow that am back am sure you know i have something worth writing about:) So Saturday I landed in Ethiopia and i must admit am having the time of my life. I have so much to say about the place the culture, the people, the sites and definitely the food, anyone who knows me well knows I love food. The first thing i must say about Ethiopia is that there are just so many beautiful people here OMG it is like candy land hehehe. The chicks are gorgeous and am jealous of their hair that i cannot lie and the guys, yumyum they are what you call dream worthy it is almost unfair that i cant have them all hehehe. On arrival we were welcomed with a traditional coffee ceremony were they heat the coffee beans in a traditional charcoal banner then they grid the beans and put in a small pot they call jebena and add hot water then leave it for a few minutes to allow all the flavor to infuse into the water, then serve in this really small and totally cute cups. The coffee is the strongest most amazing coffee I have ever had! 100_8706

This is only the beginning of the amazing country cant wait to share more with all you lovely ones mwaaaah!