Writing is not about being able to capturer your reader, its about being able to speak our heart. Its about being able to share your thoughts with others and being able to open your mind to seeing the world a little deeper than others do, and putting what you see down on paper. Its about being vulnerable in front of your reader and being uncomfortable but not embarrassed about it. As a writer, you have a unique opportunity to change someones perspective on any matter and that is a wonderful and powerful position to be. So as a writer, be open to yourself as much as you are open to others, be open to the mystery that your voice can reveal. Do not be afraid to speak in your voice because you are an artist and as an artist you have the gift of expression. We all want to hear your story, so don’t sugar coat it with all the expectations you want to meet, don’t dilute it with the fear of not being liked, be bold and free, open to the endless possibilities that your voice will unlock. We all want to see those possibilities and share in your joy, your pain, your ups ands downs because just like you we feel the same only you have the words we are looking for to express ourselves. So next time you are staring at a blank screen and wondering whether what you want to say is relevant, ask yourself if it is relevant to you, and if it is then it is relevant yo us.