Hey guys! Yes i have been out of the scenes and i have to apologize for the silence. I am on this super crazy creative loop where everything i think of posting either doesnt sound good enough or by the time am done writing it sound nothing like what i want to say. So in a bid to try and help myself out of this loop i have decide instead of posting topics that are creative, why not try the factual truth. Right now the most evident factual truth running my life is the fact that i am dead flat broke and I have been wrecking my brain on what i can do to solve this unending dilemma i am in. Top of my list right now is online jobs. I have tried the academic writing jobs before and i have to admit, unless you have no need for a social life or the need to see the sun for days, this is not a job for you. That being said i did end up learning alot about art history, world renowned artists, employment contract laws, inspirational documentaries, movies and novels and the overall conversational stater topics that are a bit odd yet very thrilling. Seeing that academic writing is not something i want to resort to unless absolutely necessary, i started looking into other online job opportunities. am currently looking into this part time job website here is the link if your curious as to find out what it is (http://www.earnparttimejobs.com/index.php?id=5156857) and so far what i love about it is that i dont have to pay any registration fee which was clearly something i wasnt going to do seeing as i dont have the money hehehe. My first task is as obvious to invite more people to join which is actually not easy if u only have about 200 twitter followers like i do hahahaha (another sad fact i need to look into). Today is day one, i am skeptic but even so, all I am thinking is why not! i cant just sit and wait for opportunities to run after me, i have to run after them for now till they get the drift n find me irresistible then ill be posting how they are the ones chasing me :).
Ill keep u guys posted on how this eradicating broknes hunt goes, fingers crossed ill win the lottery or something:). Adios people!