I have been going through archives of some of the stuff I have written and never posted and I must say I am very proud of myself hehehe. Sometimes we forget to look in the mirror and see the beauty that truly lies within us, we sometimes forget to celebrate ourselves for who we are. Today I will share a short post I wrote a year ago and yet it is so interesting how am still learning this things, guess my mum was right learning never stops, dumn it! Well here goes nothing hope you enjoy.

I have learnt (and still learning);

That friendship is only as good as the friends you have

That hanging out with someone the whole day is healthy (this is for all  the introverts in the house)

That being yourself is so much more rewarding

That wearing short skirts does not mean am feeling cold (freez and shine syndrome)

That change is as good as a rest

That being honest is more important than being nice

That life has a lot of unexpected twists

That you need to plan for tomorrow today

That being prepared is essential to being successful

That being happy is my responsibility and no one else

That being a go getter is a good quality in life

That working hard comes from understanding what you want first

That a goal is just a dream with a deadline #drake

That everyone has there own life and we should not judge them for it

Don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t judge a family/ person by there payslip (think i read this somewhere)

That I am my own best friend

That you can learn alot about life from children and those younger than you

That you can also learn alot about life from nature (just look hard enough you’ll see it)

That there is no other me in the world so be happy and proud of that

That even cold rainy days can make you feel warm inside so smile about them

That you can not hold on to what is not yours

That everyday has worries of its own so only worry about today (Jesus talk-Matthew 6:34)

That in the end all that really matters is my relationship with God

For today this is all I have , please share some of the things you have learnt I would love to hear your story and if you resonated with anything feel free to give a virtual high five we are in this together.


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