A year later after beginning my fashion and lifestyle blog ( and I mark it with a total of 1,055 views on the blog woohoo by Neil Armstrong’s words,  “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind” hehehe.

It is so interesting that it is only the end of October that captures my eye guess October is my month. It’s currently raining very heavily and the drumming of the racing raindrops on the rooftop makes my mind drift off a little. Reminds me when I was about eight years old and I would stand by the window just to see the water fall as it formed streams on the ground. I would imagine all sorts of silly things, at the time I would imagine if I could go and play in the rain like the kids in movies. We would even manage to jump in slow motion like them and laugh like there is no care in the world. I love rain, it soothes me and always reminds me of one of the funniest days of my life, my saddest, as well as my most sober. Well it has been a year since the last October I said goodbye to and I feel it is time to reflect on what I have learnt so far. I am tempted to go to my last post ( but for authenticity I will write this list first then you and I can compare and see have I grown or am I still where I was last October (that sound like a rock song in the making). Here goes nothing;

  1. I have learnt that God is number one and everybody else including me falls after. This is a lesson that I keep re-learning over and over with each lesson stronger than the last. The reason I say this is because He has always remained a constant in my life even when I had made a mess of things. He remains the strong pillar I can rely without fear of being turned away and finding someone so mighty who can love me the way He does is a blessing I am yet to fully grasp, thank you Lord for always being there.
  2. I have learnt that your family will always be the people who have known you since you were in diapers so respect their advice and seek their guidance. Being the last born comes with the blessing of seeing your siblings trials and errors and learning from them. I am very grateful to God for my loving family, I don’t know a more caring, understanding bunch than these 4 people in my life.
  3. I have learnt that my mother actually knows a thing or two about life, not just my mum but all my elders. It’s not that I never knew this, I just never appreciated this fact more than now.
  4. I have learnt that character is more important than all other human qualities. This has truly helped me gauge who are going into my close nit community and those who will stay back a little, with no apologies btw.
  5. I have learnt that there are lessons in life everywhere we look we just have to open our minds to see them and actually learn from them.
  6. I have learnt that I am the holder of my destiny, where I choose to throw my dice is where they will fall. Life doesn’t happen to you, life only responds to you.
  7. I have learnt that the saying ‘ show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are’ is very true, so look around at the friends you keep, they say a lot about you. Also watch how you feel around them, trust your intuition if something is amiss do not ignore it.
  8. The best test to any relationship is the test of time , true friends remain true no matter the time apart and the distance between you.
  9. The glass is always half full because in life there is always room for improvement.
  10. Last but definitely not least, puis will remain my favorite pet in the world hehehe. Yes he had to show up in here somewhere, I have learnt so much about life from him you would think he is a professorJ.

I will leave it at ten because anything else I add will either be a repetition or as silly as no. 10, thanks for reading and feel free to share what you have learnt this October or what you have learnt since the last. See you soon lovely people.


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