Hello everyone I am currently undertaking a bloggers challenge to scribbling anything that comes to mind and eventually post it and I must admit I am very blank. Many people think I am weird or strange or just plain quire, I think am just simply doing what everyone would love to do only I do it without thinking much about it at first. I love to dance strangely to songs simply because it feels really nice not to think so much about the rhythm or how your body looks while you’re doing it. I love to listen to people as they talk and just watch their entire body language and compare myself to them and see the differences and genuinely enjoy them. I love talking to animals because I know it is crazy and that makes me happy, to know that no matter how old I get I can still let the child inside out and believe that they can hear me they just don’t know my language so they don’t have the appropriate response. I love to look at art, it makes me feel proud to be human, that I am part of a species that has the ability to create and reinvent items at will. I also love gadgets, they fascinate me at how little I know of them, they are like puzzles to me and I love puzzles, taking long hours trying to figure out which piece goes where just makes me happy. I love sports, am not a wild fan but I like sports. I love playing the sports more than watching them because sports is basically learning a new skill and I love learning new skills, some of which I shall never use but I love them anyway. I love making funny faces there is no faster way to make yourself laugh than making funny faces, dancing weird and making strange noises like trying to imitate a bird or something. I talk to myself sometimes, and I think everyone should try this, it helps me understand a concept that is in my mind, helps me vent when no one is around and helps lighten up my mood which I think is a very healthy way of doing things. I now realize a lot of the strange habits and things that I love doing are all geared towards one common goal and that is to be happy, isn’t that what we all want. I am not sure but I think that a lot of people have strange or weird habits that they simply hide because they are afraid of what other people will think when they let this side of theirs out. I know what that is like, I was extremely closed up at one point of my life, and what I have learnt from letting the walls fall and simply do you makes life so much simpler and the people around you feel more comfortable to be around you and begin to understand you more which is really one of the greatest gifts to receive. Am slowly running out of words to say and I still have 6 more min on my clock so maybe I should say one of the greatest things that inspires as I close. My biggest motivation is being able to inspire and help others reach their true potential and see their dreams come true. If I could inspire just one person then I would have accomplished my life’s goal. I believe that everyone has amazing greatness in them just waiting for the right catalyst to ignite it. I am a strong believer in second chances and I believe that everyone as the potential to be great and wonderful, someone who the world will talk about generations after they are gone, and my life’s mission is to help other people realize this about themselves and about everyone around them. Parting words- think about it, at the end of the day when everyone’s titles and backgrounds are stripped off as if everyone in the world had amnesia at the exact same time, what would we be left with? We would be left with humanity, we are all human beings at the end of the day and that is the greatest bond we share we should cherish it and nature it in each other and see the gifts of each other flourish.

Thanks for reading this long 20min write-up hope you enjoyed my challenge and I challenge you too;

To get started, let’s loosen up. Let’s unlock the mind. Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write. check out more on this here(http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_assignment/writing-101-day-one/)

And feel free to post this on your blog and please share with me what you have written I would love to read what you have come up with!


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