I always find it so interesting the simple lessons that our cat keeps teaching us without even trying to.Two days ago my sister and I were having fish and ugali for lunch and after serving my plate I heard Pius meowing from the back door and instinctively ran outside through the front door where my sister was sand papering her bed. She obviously looked at me with that strange look of ‘what are you doing’ so I explained that I was running away from Pius, we all know how he gets crazy eyes the minute he smells fish and I wasn’t in the mood to start fighting with him over my meal. She of course thought I was crazy and got up to serve herself only to be running to where I was saying the exact same thing. Unlucky for us Pius is not stupid he knows when he has smelled fish and simply followed that smell and found us outside hiding like the cowards that we were. I could almost see the look of shame in his face going tsktsktsk oh how we let him down. Now that we were caught and the scorching sun was becoming unbearable, we went back into the house to face the dreaded Pius.
As usual he kept insisting with those fake huge- ‘am an extremely good cat’- eyes he likes to put on only when he knows u have something he wants, and we kept telling him to relax we will feed him(eventually). The sweet eyes tend to only last a few minutes before he starts to go wild like one of those tantrum children who cry in the supermarket coz they want some damn expensive chocolate( why don’t they just go for the cheep stuff, it always has to be something that will really pinch your pocket!). Anyway, as we were trying to explain to him why we had to remove the bones first because we dint want him to chock to death, saying that we were only protecting him and if he could just be a little more patient he would have his fish, it hit me how in that moment we were the higher beings understanding something little Pius could not. My mind spiraled out of control thinking of how if there are aliens out the(or other higher beings) then maybe that is how they look at us, like some idiots who just like Pius don’t understand how they are really helping rather than hurting us. That is when the big revelation came up; maybe that is how God see things too!
Just like Pius we approach God in prayer when we see something we want; we put on those sweet eyes and ask so politely while stating our case. When we don’t get it, just like Pius we go CRAZY meowing all over the place calling for as much attention as possible hoping that will work. Then we change tactic, just like Pius when we don’t get what we want when we want it, we go to the next extreme and keep quite, sit down and pretend we don’t want it anymore, in fact we don’t need it, we were fine without it so you can keep it! However just like him once again we go crazy the minute someone dangles that meat in our faces and start asking for it again. However the same way we don’t give Pius fish without first looking through the meat to make sure it is safe for him, which actually takes some time, God also has to ensure that whatever we ask for is given to us at the right time when it is safe for us to have it.
You have probably asked and prayed for something- for years even- and just like Pius u don’t understand why God isn’t gracious enough to give it to you knowing how much you love it or even need it. The truth is He, just like us, is probably sifting through it making sure it is safe for you and it takes time to remove those tinny bones. So don’t pretend not to want it anymore, because the same way we know when Pius is acting nice just to get something from us is the same way God knows you. Instead be patient and trust that just like us, God would never selfishly ignore your needs and wants but at the same time He will always have your best interests at heart first.
And there you have it, once again Pius gives us sound life lessons which left my sister and me with more faith that God will always come through for us, we just need to be patient when He is removing the tiny little bones from the fish.



Hey guys! Yes i have been out of the scenes and i have to apologize for the silence. I am on this super crazy creative loop where everything i think of posting either doesnt sound good enough or by the time am done writing it sound nothing like what i want to say. So in a bid to try and help myself out of this loop i have decide instead of posting topics that are creative, why not try the factual truth. Right now the most evident factual truth running my life is the fact that i am dead flat broke and I have been wrecking my brain on what i can do to solve this unending dilemma i am in. Top of my list right now is online jobs. I have tried the academic writing jobs before and i have to admit, unless you have no need for a social life or the need to see the sun for days, this is not a job for you. That being said i did end up learning alot about art history, world renowned artists, employment contract laws, inspirational documentaries, movies and novels and the overall conversational stater topics that are a bit odd yet very thrilling. Seeing that academic writing is not something i want to resort to unless absolutely necessary, i started looking into other online job opportunities. am currently looking into this part time job website here is the link if your curious as to find out what it is ( and so far what i love about it is that i dont have to pay any registration fee which was clearly something i wasnt going to do seeing as i dont have the money hehehe. My first task is as obvious to invite more people to join which is actually not easy if u only have about 200 twitter followers like i do hahahaha (another sad fact i need to look into). Today is day one, i am skeptic but even so, all I am thinking is why not! i cant just sit and wait for opportunities to run after me, i have to run after them for now till they get the drift n find me irresistible then ill be posting how they are the ones chasing me :).
Ill keep u guys posted on how this eradicating broknes hunt goes, fingers crossed ill win the lottery or something:). Adios people!


Writing is not about being able to capturer your reader, its about being able to speak our heart. Its about being able to share your thoughts with others and being able to open your mind to seeing the world a little deeper than others do, and putting what you see down on paper. Its about being vulnerable in front of your reader and being uncomfortable but not embarrassed about it. As a writer, you have a unique opportunity to change someones perspective on any matter and that is a wonderful and powerful position to be. So as a writer, be open to yourself as much as you are open to others, be open to the mystery that your voice can reveal. Do not be afraid to speak in your voice because you are an artist and as an artist you have the gift of expression. We all want to hear your story, so don’t sugar coat it with all the expectations you want to meet, don’t dilute it with the fear of not being liked, be bold and free, open to the endless possibilities that your voice will unlock. We all want to see those possibilities and share in your joy, your pain, your ups ands downs because just like you we feel the same only you have the words we are looking for to express ourselves. So next time you are staring at a blank screen and wondering whether what you want to say is relevant, ask yourself if it is relevant to you, and if it is then it is relevant yo us.

Perseverance, perfectionism, and the impossible

Every artist needs to read this

Cristian Mihai

impossibleIn a way, I believe that all artists are possessed by this silly ambition: they want to do something no one else has done before. They want to create something that’s perfect. And they try, again and again, and they always fail. It seems to me that this is what truly motivates us.

We keep on writing because nothing we write is good enough, or at least, as good as we think it should be. Or as good as we think it deserves to be.

No story is ever “finished.” There’s always something to change, to add, to remove.

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Places I want to see Part 4

ooooh this has given me ideas:)

Manon's maze

As my sweetes birhday gift is a plane ticket to London and I’m inclined on travelling a lot this year, I decided it’s time for one my “amazing spots” posts.

1. Singapore

A good friend of mine once told me Singapore is the best place he’s ever been. Since then it’s totaly on my list. Dining, along with shopping, is said to be the country’s national pastime, so it sounds like my kind of place.

2. Spain

This sunny, colorfull, filled with historical and cultural monuments is a must. And they have Paella. No more words needed.

3. The Cook Islands

This island paradise will be the perfect start for my long wanted diving experience. I’d just love to see the 15 scatered between New Zealand and Hawaii islands.

4. Botswana

Most of this exotic country is covered by the Klahari desert, which makes it tha much more interesting. Seeing…

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HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!!!!!!!(she says almost a year later) Yea yea I know ave been quiet for a very long time, ave either not been having enough time to write or ave not been having anything interesting enough to write about. So nooooooow that am back am sure you know i have something worth writing about:) So Saturday I landed in Ethiopia and i must admit am having the time of my life. I have so much to say about the place the culture, the people, the sites and definitely the food, anyone who knows me well knows I love food. The first thing i must say about Ethiopia is that there are just so many beautiful people here OMG it is like candy land hehehe. The chicks are gorgeous and am jealous of their hair that i cannot lie and the guys, yumyum they are what you call dream worthy it is almost unfair that i cant have them all hehehe. On arrival we were welcomed with a traditional coffee ceremony were they heat the coffee beans in a traditional charcoal banner then they grid the beans and put in a small pot they call jebena and add hot water then leave it for a few minutes to allow all the flavor to infuse into the water, then serve in this really small and totally cute cups. The coffee is the strongest most amazing coffee I have ever had! 100_8706

This is only the beginning of the amazing country cant wait to share more with all you lovely ones mwaaaah!


have you ever just wanted to die and come back as your friend? well if you have you are in no way alone. There is this pal of mine who just seems to have her shit together so well i want to slap her senseless. Shes very pretty, smart, has awsm fashion sense and is daring with it, hangs out with this cool looking people , goes to this awsm places,has cool stuff you know the nice phone and all, where does it end!I think i hate her, nah am just suffering from the green-eyed monster.
But you know what makes me feel better, i look at my awsm photos, you know the ones that worked and you have no idea how, yea those ones, i have a set:). But seriously what makes me forget all that i wish i had that my friends seem to get the instance the blink, is the fact that in this world u have to fake it till you make it hehehehe. no that’s not it what gets me going is knowing that at the end of the day we all look weird when naked hahaha no thats not it, what gets me going is the fact that regardless of how good people have it, we all lack something we would kill to get. Face it no one has everything they want, it’s either being smart, or being tall, having more money, having more free time, having a better job, better friends you name it and someone wants it. Not even all the riches and glamor in the world removes this desire for more.
even though this idea doesn’t make me not want more than i have but for some reason it helps me appreciate what i already have, coz the flip side is,someone whats what i have and if thats not a reason to see it as valuable i dont know what else is. we may not notice it but we have several things that are valuable and desired by someone else, for some its a loving family, others its an infectious laugh, some its that wonderful sense of humor, some its great leadership skills, whatever it may be, be sure that its a value someone out there has tried in every-way to get but is far from getting it.Be happy with what you have because truth is whats the point of adding more and yet you’re not even utilizing what you already have? remember a Jack of all trades is a master of none, ok i dont know how it applies but i think it does:) let’s be happy people!!!